The Xian Confusion

One of the proofs that Christianity is just a fraud created by those working to destroy humanity, is the fact that the bible is literally the book of confusion. Christians, look at your own religion. According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, there are about 45,000 Christian denominations globally. Christianity is divided into thousands of sects/denominations, and each claims the same thing, to follow the bible, even though every denomination will disagree with others on various different important topics, for example the trinity or eternity of the soul.

The Bible was written to be confusing, to be interpreted, etc., this is the reason why today there are so many Christian denominations that disagree on practically everything.

Have you ever watched debates between theologians of different Christian denominations? If so, you noticed that every disagreement arises from the interpretation of the Bible (because, as I said, it was written with the intention to create confusion), and of course, everyone will say that his interpretation is correct without even thinking a bit if these abominable doctrines are true and correct. Christian theologians ignore everything that is of the truth, they deny science, they deny logic, and they deny reason.

Why is it written with this confusing intention? It is easy to control confused people, full of the suicidal doctrines of Christianity, who are deluded and robbed of their own spirituality. By everyone interpreting in his own way, it is ensured that everyone will find and accept only what he likes, and what he doesn't, he will interpret it in some tenth way.

If the "apostle" Paul is right that God is a God of peace and NOT of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), then we can clearly say with the Bible that the Christian "god" is definitely not God. (And not to mention the historical, archaeological, and other scientific errors in the Bible, and countless contradictions.)

Another example of their tragic confusion are the different versions of their holy book. Not only are many translations very different when comparing the phrases, sentences and amount of verses (for example, compare the KJV and the NWT), but different versions don't even have the same amount of books! The Ethiopian bible has 81-84 books (depending on the version), the Greek Orthodox one has 75-79 books (depending on the version), the Catholic bible has 73 books, the Protestant versions have 66, and we could go forever like this! 

New Testament Forgeries & Contradictions - Dr. Bart D. Ehrman

Bible has absolutely no trustworthy manuscripts! 

Biblical scholar Prof. Bart D. Ehrman admits - Bible is a corrupted hoax!

Xians, after researching this topic, are you sure you want to base your eternity on a corrupted jewish book? Are you going to continue believing a book of confusion?

Christianity = Confusion

Satanism = Truth

- Serbon


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