The scientific research on healing crystals has been held back by the enemy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian doctor of medicine and a psychoanalyst. He discovered that by using crystals, humans could improve their health and get rid of many diseases. After he was getting known for his discoveries, the FBI raided his lab and arrested him.

Mark Comings, a physicist at UC Berkeley studied energetic crystals. He put a Tesla coil around a Quartz Crystal which then began to glow and ring. The energy emitted was 25% more than the energy going INTO it - he produced free energy. Within hours, his house was raided and he “killed himself” later.

Science and Spirituality complement each other and so you can imagine the boost one can get from their magick in utilizing these things as in experiment.. Crystals are also very beautiful to look at and add to an altar or wherever you like.

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Crystals and diamonds, because of their chemical composition, tend to have an affinity for storing certain energies. There is nothing "supernatural" here, as crystals are used as radio transmitters. The same can be said for different kinds of stones and gems. The more inclined the inner structure is to store energy, the better the item/s for being used in rituals. Of course, one does not need to engage in a ceremonial ritual to empower any material item/s. Only focus and the powers of the mind and soul are needed.

Crystals, stones, and such amplify and can transmit energy.

Andras told us some time back to use crystals to store anger, hatred, and other destructive energy to later use in black magick rituals. He said no energy should ever be wasted.

Crystals, Stones and Gems: They have their unique energies that can be manipulated by our minds. Our thoughts send out energy. Bioelectric energy. This is what we increase when we empower our souls.

According to their color, they correspond to a certain nature and element. Green corresponds to Venus, etc, Black correspondent to Saturn, earth, void, meditation, banishing, etc. Some of these are apparent and some can be a bit difficult to figure out. One can use a pendulum to learn these things.

In speaking of pendulums, one can obtain a quartz or Onyx pendulum and charge it with energies from the Pertho rune and Laguz rune to improve the divination and effectiveness. I have done this.

Metals: Metals are another one. Magnetite, lodestone, copper, gold, silver, etc.

Lodestone and Magnetite are double pyramid shaped/Octahedron shaped in crystal form and unceasingly emit magnetic energy. It is iron-based. Hematite stone is iron-based but must be charged with energy to radiate its own energy for a bit.

Metals such as copper and gold are good at transferring electrical energy. That is why copper wiring is used in electrical wiring. Copper can attract and can be magnetic as long as energy is applied to it. All of these things are used in science for a reason. Combining magnetic energy with copper makes electricity on its own.

Crystals, stones and gems can absorb, reflect, radiate, generate and can turn energy into other forms of energy i.e heat, light, electricity, etc

The possibilities with crystals are endless-

-Storing energy

-Meditating with them (they can aid you in opening your chakras, look up which crystal can help for which chakra)

-Charging water and drinking it for healing minor things and other effects (DO NOT USE ANY CRYSTAL FOR THIS, LOOK UP IF THE CRYSTAL YOU WANT TO USE IS SAFE FOR THIS!)

-Making amulets and talismans

-Attaching thought forms to these crystals for boosting their effectiveness

-Using crystals to amplify and direct your goals or program them to continue affecting a goal

Crystals should also be cleansed and charged. With most of them, the best way of cleansing it is to put it in running water, and the best way to charge it is to bury it in Earth for some time (an hour is enough), or just to put it in direct sunlight for some time. Not every crystal though can be put in water or direct sunlight, you should always look up if your crystal can be cleansed or charged in the way you want.

- Serbon

(sources for the text have been Shannon's and Maxine's texts)



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