Testimonials to Satan

*Please note, this webpage is very, very old. In the e-groups, we have had thousands of positive testimonials regarding Satan. Due to time restrictions and a very heavy work load, I havent been able to add them.

I have not had the pleasure of being a practicing Satanist for a large amount of time. I came here from xian ministry, but believe me when I say that I knew nothing of real love until I got here. You see to know love one must know hate. I spent years trying to love without acknowledging hate. In that action I was denying my own humanity and running contrary to the All.

I was amazed that the minute I let go of everything Father Satan immediately filled me with so much love and warmth I was lead to tears. It was incredible.

Please remember my brothers and sisters that we know the love of Lucifer and the joys that it brings us. We have the Knowing and are therefore truly blessed. When we love someone it is paying homage and respect to Lucifer because he is the source of true love. May we always remember this love because it will carry us through the good times and the bad. May we remember this today.

Darkest Blessings to us all, -Rev. "Zen"

My life has done a complete turn around and I finally have the peace inside that I have been looking for the past 37 yrs of my life. I always had an uneasy feeling when my parents would drag me off to church like something was very wrong with what I was hearing! I hope what I am trying to say makes since to you because I don’t really know how to explain how much better I feel and how much clearer everything around me seems. – Jim

I performed the ritual and dedicated my soul to Father. I have never felt better in my life! Right away I felt different, everything seems much clearer now.
Hail Satan!

Ever since I came over to Father, I feel my life has only gotten better. He has always helped me when I truly need help and he has sent his Demons to also aid me. Some times people are looking too hard for answers that they are blind and can't see Father standing right in front of them.
Hail Satan!

I am a 17 year old male. I was raised catholic and quickly learned what the blessing of "god" felt like. When I first came to Satan it was because I took way to much cocaine. One of his spirits appeared before me and cleansed me of it completely, and I haven't touched drugs again. Immediately I started working with the Goetic spirit Sitri. I was amazed at how much he knew and how polite he was. The most recent thing he's helped me with I consider very serious. My girlfriend, who I have strong feelings for and connect well to, had mentioned the Tarot saying she would be in a car accident about this time in her life.

My third eye was going crazy all night, and I couldn't quit thinking about how I would feel if she died. Later that night my girlfriend and I were playing pool and I asked Sitri to protect her. He surprised me by agreeing to do this. I had always consulted him about love. We were running later than normal that night and something told me to smoke another cigarette, even though I had too many that night she smoked one with me then dropped me off at my house. On the way home she saw Sitri sitting in the passenger seat, where I had been. He told her to drive safely. Soon after seeing him, the car in front of her got into a head on collision and smashed badly. One minute earlier and that could've been her.

My moral is this: Father Satan is the best father, and Demonic friends are the best friends. I have given several things to Sitri for his help and thanked father Satan daily that I'm not somewhere more painful now. I've only been Satanist about a two years and I've seen more evidence that it is true than several years of xianity. Oh yah, Father Satan's blessing, it's much more beautiful and powerful than anything I've experienced in my life. HAIL SATAN! Thank you Sitri and HP Maxine! I am grateful.

I'm a 38 yr old SWM artist. I found LaVeyan Satanism when I was 19, and while I will always be grateful for his writings and hints of knowledge he gave, within several years I realized there was something more out there than either he or I suspected. One morning, while watching the dawn, Satan came to me, and in one glorious moment I knew, I just knew he was there and he was just and he was good. Now this is not to say that since then all has been easy, but when tough love was needed it was given. If I persevered and prepared, I was able to take advantage of the opportunities he presented me. If I was slack, the opportunities still came but because I didn't listen I lost out. He never said "I told you so!", but I learned none the less.
Hail Satan!

When I first came across Joy of Satan, I was skeptical and sometimes I used to feel terrified just reading the pages for no reason at all. It was pure fear & terror, I couldn’t explain it. Then I read that jehova & company use that tactic to scare people away from Satan, so in this way my fear left me. Then dedicating my soul was another problem, I just couldn't do it. I kept putting it off for later on and tried to forget about it. Then another friend of mine got confirmed and I felt something in me tell me to do the same, so I triggered up the guts to do it and the night I got confirmed it was about 2:30 am, I was still having second thoughts then suddenly I felt my room filled with a kind of energy, EXTREMELY POSITIVE AND FULL OF LOVE. I felt that many people were in my room with me and that they were encouraging me to do it and that is what gave me the guts to sign my name in blood. It was a very strange feeling... but you know for some reason the names Beelzebub & Astaroth kept coming to my mind at that time and I realized that they were encouraging me in my decision to dedicate my soul, and I LOVE THEM for it. One thing is for sure, Satan will always help you evolve your soul, he'll tell you what to do and how to do it. He did this for me even before I confirmed (he knew that eventually I will confirm) so you see.... here we have a Loving God who looks after us even before we dedicate ourselves to him. The main thing is to keep yourself open.
Hail all Demons
Hail Lucifer.
–Leroy Anderson

Greetings all, Yes Father is wonderful! He healed me just recently. I had problems with my liver for the past year and a few days ago I got my blood test results showing my liver was now within the healthy range. It was never anything serious but it always stressed me a little since I’m only 23 and my liver is kinda useful to me! :) Father knows when we are not well and he is always there for us.
Hail Father!
Dark blessings, –Bill

Greetings all, I was out in the desert this weekend visiting my mother, and about an hour after I arrived I realized I had left a seven day candle burning on the mantle. This is not the safest thing to do with kitties running about the house! I was very nervous they would knock it over and burn down the house. I found a private spot and talked to Father and my personal Demon about my fears, asking them to protect my home and pets. When I arrived at home I found the candle was out! Not burned out, for it still had about 2 days to go, and the wick hadn't fallen in. There was no mundane reason that it would have stopped burning. It seemed to have been put out carefully and deliberately. I feel Father and my Demon came to my rescue. It's such a great feeling ! I hear how often people pray to the Nazarene and nothing ever changes and they get no help. I am so thankful to have found Father! Many, many thanks to Father and my Demon!
Hail Father Satan!
Darkest Blessings to all!

Father Satan has brought me to tears many times. He has shown me love and caring that I have never had before. Some time ago, when I was rather new, I hadn't been able to see 2 of my kids who live in another state for close to 3 years. This has been one thing in my life that has torn me up. Finances and their father were an obstacle. I was so deeply touched when circumstances miraculously allowed me to spend over a month with them here where I live and everything went so well.

We all have our own personal problems, mine has been I have gotten hard to the point where I just don't care. When I was an atheist, this was to an extreme. After I became a Satanist, I was having some problems and I was mad and could care less whether I was dead or alive. Father showed me something the next day, it was death and the stench and it was hideous, I saw this and it made me sick. This was particularly grizzly. He was showing me that he cared about me and that I should care more about life and myself.

I cannot tell you how this touched me and what it meant to me. He has shown me so much real love and caring. There are so many things he has done for me. I rarely ask for anything, he takes care of me.
–HPS Maxine
*Recently, he brought me together with my family and blessed us with a house.

I came from a catholic background, but it was only recently that I converted to Satanism. I stumbled upon HP Maxine's website by chance while I was feeling down and depressed. I do admit it wasn't really a good time to turn to Father Satan just like that. However, I had been searching for answers all this years, which many xians just claim, my faith is weak, I should pray more, etc, not to mention the feeling of self-guilt, self blaming tendencies which caused me to have a low self-esteem.

One only has to look closely to find that many xians teachings do contradict each other. However, I would only hope people would come to meet Father Satan in an open-minded manner. This advise was given to me by HP Maxine and it's true.
The least to say, Father had given me a warmth and wholeness which I never felt before. Liberation is the word here. At least now I know the meaning to live one's life with dignity and honor.
Give yourself and Father Satan a chance. Though I am relatively new, I had never regret doing so."
Dark Blessings!!

When I gave myself to Father Satan, my life improved immediately. The money I have spent on my ritual tools has come back to me five fold. When I want something it seems to come to me, more often than not. It seems a cloud has been lifted from my mind; I am no longer in a haze... I know what I must do and when I must do it. He has comforted me when I have been down and He has given me hope and strength like I never knew possible. Giving my soul and life to Satan is the greatest thing I have ever, or will ever do. Before I was nothing, but now there is nothing I can't do. With Father by your side you can do anything. Obey Father and always love and respect Him and you will know the meaning of happiness, you will become much stronger, and you will never have to fear the xian piece of shit, joke of a god, because Satan is the true King.
– Steven

The night before the last I was on my back meditating. I said a very sincere prayer to Satan asking for his anointing, blessing, empowerment, protection and knowledge. Suddenly all the pieces of my life fit together perfectly. As if that wasn't wonderful enough Father came to me. When I saw my girlfriend and everything as the blessing it is, I thanked Father Satan. As soon as I thanked him, I heard a rattle shaking. With every shake of the rattle, my altered state went deeper. Suddenly I heard the hiss of the serpent. Father had come to me in the form of a serpent. When he came to Adam and Eve he was the serpent, and came to tell them they could be like Gods.... right? This is what I think... it was kinda an acknowledgement. By this point my aura was twice as strong, my feet felt like they were on the earth - drawing in sooooo much energy, my chakras were radiant, my spirit was loosened, my mind was clear. Just then Father took the form of the most beautiful bearer of light, and gently put his hand on my back. The room changed colors several times- from purple to blue to green. This feeling was not comparable to any drug or emotion, it was simply beautiful and indescribable. I again thanked Father and meditated on all that had just happened. I'm really overwhelmed by it.
– the Magician of the NewAge

I would like to share this, as I'm aware that there are those of you who are not dedicated to Father. Dedication was most wonderful experience I had in my short life. Father LOVES US, I personally love him MORE then myself (which isn't "normal" but never mind :)) If I wasn't dedicated I would most probably be dead by now. Although there was something that was protecting me throughout my life, once I was dedicated, I immediately received a response from Father.

While I still had depression, I asked "Father Lucifer, have you left me as well??" After that, I FELT most wonderful energy in my life. I believe that was Father's energy that was every millimeter in my body. I was depressed, after that I start to laugh, cry, and sing. It was BEAUTIFULL experience. I rarely cry as I'm "cold" person, but whenever I THINK about Father my eyes get wet, and I can FEEL his love and presence. I still cannot imagine or even "rationally" explain his love for us, for his children.

I believe the key is - show Him your emotions, open up your heart. I do not trust hardly anyone in my life (as I had very fucked up life), that was when "I was without". Now I know that there's one I can trust 10000% - Father Lucifer.

After my Dedication, I realized TRUE meaning of term "without.” I dedicated one and half months ago. It's incredible that fucked up drug addict, which was suffering from manic depression (this is most powerful form of depression - very suicidal); I tried to kill myself several times, which for obvious reasons, didn't succeed). I didn't see a purpose of my life, I thank Father every day and night. I can see him in EVERYTHING from air I breathe, through soil I walk on. Life has meaning again, everything is clearing up rapidly, my individual strength, and self-confidence are increasing even as I write. I'm in bliss states all the time. I never had crisis or withdrawals after I quit using drugs. My 'normal' dose was 9 pills of etc, or at least several lines of speed. It's amazing that I'm still mentally and physically well and functioning. I'm so full of energy that my hands are sweating. I'm very sorry in doubting in Father, but that was my natural reaction, as I was...without. All of this is NOTHING compared to what I FEEL. Right now, I'm sweating and crying as I'm thinking intensely on Father and what he did for me.

I prayed for my mothers health (she's without), and suffering from angelic attacks, they are all around in my house...not in my room though. She had very much trouble in obtaining meditations that are necessary for her spinal cord to get better (she was shot in the spine, therefore quadriplegic - she cannot move and she's suffering cancer-like pains). Two fucking days after praying for her health, she received MEDICATIONS that (I cannot stress this) wore almost IMPOSSIBLE for her to get, as we live in Serbia. She was trying to get them for 3 years! Although, I am an American citizen (from my fathers side), I couldn't speed this up.

She'll also be operated very soon. She agreed to do a healing meditation. There's so much more, I could write a book. I believed Father was acting by "seen" ways, I know I was wrong. He acts through unseen ways (at least for us who are not spiritually opened - yet!), that's a FACT! After my dedication, I had a perfectly clear vision in my head, I saw myself, alone, in darkness..."without.” I asked Father did he accept me. I heard wonderful music, and I saw people that were dancing and celebrating around me. I know what this means. I wanted to post this as I dedicated because other's experiences had a strong influence on me. I hope nobody will mind because I opened my heart.
Thank You Father!
–Rev Leon
"Dominus Satanus Deus Potentiae, pleni sunt terra et inferi gloria Tua!!"


When I first started practicing magick and Demonolatry, I couldn’t figure out why nothing was happening and I started to grow impatient, but then after talking to elders of my group, they told me that everyone goes through that. It does take practice. It’s not something that you can just mess with here and there and expect it to work. It takes persistence. With me, I just kept trying and trying, then when I saw something happen and I saw that it was no fairy tale, I didn’t want to ever stop. So many people have came to me and said, "well I've been trying these rituals and nothing is happening", and then they just want to give it up. You shouldn't let yourself get discouraged, Just keep on trying.
Praise Hell, Hail SATAN!

Two days back, I prayed to Father for the first time ever... I asked him for a favor in the afternoon and instantly got it as a blessing from him by evening... Well, in the night when I went to sleep at about 9:00 pm. I woke up round about at 3:00 am in the morning to have a glass of water... After I was done, I went back to lay down on my sofa to go to sleep... I guess it was just 5 minutes that I must have laid down over there and I'm sure that I wasn't fully asleep when I saw a short man (4 feet tall) with a French beard turn up from somewhere who said to me "Father Lucifer's great man!" and he ran away... I wasn't scared or anything so I went out in the corridor to look for him but he had disappeared.

Lucifuge Rofocale Comes Through With the Cash!!!
I am an artist. I like to paint. Recently I have been into depicting Demons or other nasties more like re representing them to add my own flare to their existence and to re-introduce them to the world. Thus far, I have done a painting to Bael, Lucifer, and I am currently finishing up one on Lilith. One of the ways I was hoping to prepare for a painting was by summoning or making some form of contact with the being in question. I have been pretty successful so far without venturing into a heavy dramatic ritual environment. Conversation prior to bedtime and during random quiet moments during the day have proved sufficient enough to obtain imagery and insight into the subject and the being in question. Anyway... I have been wanting to do a painting of Lucifuge Rofocale for some time and so, recently I have been looking into various magick texts for ways to call him up. And since artistic embodiment is one way in which the being can be paid back for a favor I thought "hell if I was going to do that anyway I might as well get something for it."

So I began figuring out a pact to make with him. I figured money is a good all round thing to ask for. So at times when I 'felt connected' to the universe (I have no other way to describe it). I would voice and mentally make contact with whom, to me, would be Lucifuge Rofocale. And without going into an elaborate ritual I received a $500.00 holiday bonus in my paycheck and I had only been working there for 3 months! Whether or not one would say that my pact idea had anything to do with it or not, I feel that the timing was too nice to not relate the two. Now I realize that I did not make a formal pact or ritual evocation but I guess after having multiple successes throughout the years with having wants and wills manifest without any ritual or spell having been done that my methods, at least to me, work and are valid. Anyway, I am now going to pursue a painting of Lucifer Rofocale in order to pay homage and thank him.
~Lucifer 9

I thought this was pretty cool. This was my first time that I called upon a Demon for help. I set up the ritual and when I put his seal on the altar...never even spoke out his name and a huge wall of wind went through my room....very cold. It blew wildly for at least 3 or 5 minutes. I made sure it wasn't my central heat/air...nope it wasn't! The air from my vents doesn't blow this intensely! My candles were all going in the same direction, but never blew out. I don't know how it kept from blowing any of the candles out. I called out to him and gave him my prayers...I felt so content, yet a tad bit on the cold side. I took this as a good sign that everything will be okay. I told him that I would acknowledge him in many ways....GUSION Thank you again...I know I made a new friend.


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